Fourth of July, Pierre Style

In Family on July 4, 2011 at 12:01 AM

The 4th of July often marks the middle of summer where friends and family gather to eat, reunion and try not to get lit up with pre-packaged explosives to light the sky.  And, this year we did just that (on Sunday).  Thankfully, our early celebration paid off since the 4th brought rain and God’s version of his own fireworks: thunder and lightning.  Also, we wanted to be able to relax before going back to work and camp on Tuesday.  So, Sunday celebration it was.  Of course, Atlanta was hot but there have been warmer temperatures than what we had, so we were good.

Kids bouncing off the walls?

Basketball, slide and bouncing good times

We rented an inflatable bouncy for the kids for the weekend like we often do for long weekends and a slight chance of having at least 7 kids at any point.  Considering our 3, we’re usually half way there to not needing any other reason except a long weekend.  But, this gives the kids a great place to go and bounce so they can stop bouncing off our walls.  This releases a constructive amount of energy and we’re all happy!  It’s pretty sizeable also with one side having a slide and the other having a bouncing area with basketball hoop.  Again, it’s a great release of energy and fun for everyone.  We’ve even bounced a few times.  One thing we would NOT suggest is making it a water slide.  Um, yeah, the idea was fabulous.  The execution was one slide away from a serious hospital bill.  Looking back, it was pretty funny and the kids were laughing but, seriously, we’re just happy that our kids did not get hurt.  Girls were just sliding and flying out of the slide – literally!  The little cushion mat was not enough and obviously the design was not for a water slide the way the rental company told us it was.  Later we were told by the owner that we were the first to test it and therefore he hadn’t received any feedback.  Well, here’s your feedback mister – take the water feature off or you may end up sleeping in that bounce house as your permanent resident from a lawsuit!

No Invite Needed

For those who are wondering why you didn’t get invited, it’s because we don’t really formally invite anyone to these types of gatherings.  Actually, I’m not really sure if we have ever really “invited” anyone to anything we end up doing.  Usually, it’s grilling out for us, family, and extended family and next thing you know, it turns into a feast.  Hey, that’s just how we do things.  People call to ask what we’re doing.  We tell them and people roll through.  No sense in people being alone when we’ve got good vibes going on over here!  Maybe one day we’ll have an official shin-dig and have everything set up for a planned party.  For now, see if we’re home doing anything and see if you can bring something when you roll through.

Fireworks Fail

Centennial Place Fireworks are always a 4th of July Favorite (except for this year)

Usually we head down to Centennial Park to watch the wonderful array of fireworks.  We bring our blankets, snacks, water and juice and let the girls play a little before the sky lights up with magic.  This year, however, the weather did not make that idea attractive.  The rain was pouring down.  You know, the kind where you don’t even need an umbrella because it’s raining diagonally anyway.  I think by the time the fireworks actually went up, the thunder and lightning at least ceased and the rain settled into a moderate drizzle.  Still, it wasn’t the same and so we ended up watching it on TV.  Considering that we all have to go back to “normal” tomorrow, watching from our bed followed by the girls going to their rooms to sleep immediately after, that worked out well.

Friends, Family & Fourth of July! That’s What’s up!


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