No Tech Tuesday (Now Thursdays)

In Family, Kids on July 6, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Yesterday was “No Tech Tuesday” at the Pierre house.  This is a day where, well, yep, you guessed it – we don’t use technology.  Let’s be clear, however.  This is not “Pierre’s go Amish Tuesdays”.  It is relatively, simply a day where we set aside modern day technological “distractions”; things like computers, iPads, iPhones, televisions and the like.  It’s a day that calls for the old fashioned art of entertainment like reading or drawing or playing with dolls and trains or each other with only our imaginations.  It’s such an interesting scene because the house calms down early as the night often finds itself greeting children early to bed.  This works out too as it often helps the girls to catch up on their much-needed rest from their play hard weekend.  Of course, coming off of a holiday weekend just adds fuel to the fire.  The girls were so tired that it hurt for them to get up Tuesday morning. Between the cookout with family and friends, the bounce house and all night Michael Jackson Wii, our girls were whooped!

The Origins of No Tech Tuesday

No Tech Tuesday began as a result of our girls coming home one day after summer camp and plopping down on the couch for the second day in a row that week behind TVs, gadgets and wires that looked like a scene from a movie about a dysfunctional family.  Momma has seen enough!  Mind you, during the school year this wasn’t an issue since our girls are not allowed to watch TV on school nights (except Sunday).  Additionally, every other Tuesdays is filled with Girl Scout activities.  So, again, normally, the evolution of a possible “20/20” special was not a problem.  During about the second week of summer camp, it became apparent that we were either going to have to do something or throw up our hands and just say, “hey, it’s summer, let the kids be kids”.  Well, we decided to do both.  And, this marked the beginnings of No Tech Tuesdays where modern day kids meet old school fun.  Because if there was any time where kids were kids, it was back in the day before the technological “distractions”.  A time where kids played on bikes and jumped rope and scraped up jacks in between the bounce of a rubber ball.  A time where being in the house wasn’t even an option.  A time where streetlights were your only indication that bedtime was near.  Yes, we are officially “old” as we marvel on the “good old days” of simple joys.  And, just as old folks do, we have pushed our ways onto our offspring.  Ah, the joys of parenthood!

By the way, if you’re wondering whether or not this is just for the kids, the answer is no.  We do lead by example and comply with the rules also.  The only exception is touching base with each other as Tuesdays bring on another occurrence in the Pierre house: “Mommy’s Night Out”.  However, even when away from home, we try our best to enforce the rules.

We’ll chat about Mommy’s Night Out and Daddy’s Night Out separately.  Until then, try implementing your own “No Tech” day and see how it works.  We even find that “No Tech Tuesday” leads to other days of creative imaginations and blissful play.  But, at least having one designated day helps to bring balance to some of the overstimulation that our children face daily.

No Tech Tuesdays! That’s What’s Up!


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