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In Kids on July 7, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Won’t You Play in Our Pierre Games?

Remember the game “Punch Buggy” where at the sight of a Volkswagen “Bug” on the road, you threw a quick punch to your unsuspecting co-passenger and yelled, “Punch Buggy Red” (or whatever color it was)?  Well, we’ve brought the game back Pierre style!

One day while riding down the street, our daughters yelled out “Punch Buggy” and brought the ‘80s into full swing.  It was surprising because we didn’t know that they knew that term.  Well, we were kind of right because while they had the term right, they were “punching” at the wrong type of car.  Rather than the classic VW “Bug”, they were yelling and punching at the sight of the more modern day, Chrysler, PT Cruiser.  I mean to a 7 and 9 year old, this is a pretty reasonable mix-up.  So, what should a parent do?  What any parent would do? You re-create the game and create an endless environment of nostalgia every time you get in the car!

Pierre “2011 Punch-Buggy Game” ©

We’ve embraced the look-alike Bug, i.e. the PT Cruiser and incorporated it into the elements of our game.  There are lots of PT Cruisers on the roads, probably like there were lots of Bugs on the roads in the ‘80s.  Mind you, the re-launch of the modern day Bug helps the game and therefore we have not discounted their contribution to our tallies.  Eventually we needed a name for the PT Cruiser to make it count.  “Punch” was already taken so we tried to think of other physical, yet friendly contacts we could infuse into our challenge.  Ultimately, we thought of ‘poke’, which evolved into the term “Pokey PT Cruiser”!  So, now we have “Punch Buggy” and “Pokey PT Cruiser”.  That should have been enough but the girls went further and started yelling “Banana” at every ALL yellow vehicle (minus convertible tops) they saw.  A bit much, yes, but mommy thought it was cute and funny so it stayed.  Of course, they wanted to stretch to “Blueberry” (blue cars) and “Strawberry” (red cars) but we limited it to the more rare color of yellow (of course, since then we can’t seem to get away from the color but at least we don’t live in New York with the sea of taxi cabs).  But, wait, there’s one last element: “Blackjack”, the grand prize find.  In order to get a “Blackjack”, you have to look at the license plate of a car and see if all the numbers add up to “21”.  If they do, you can yell “Blackjack” and call out the numbers.  So, that’s it!  We’ve now got “Punch Buggy”, “Pokey PT cruiser”, “Banana”, and “Blackjack”!  Every one must keep up with their points.  You get 1 point for a “Pokey PT Cruiser”, 2 points for a “Punch Buggy”, 3 points for a “Banana” and 7 points (because that’s a crap shoot, ha!) for a “Blackjack”.  So, are you ready to hit the road and play?

Learning Lessons

While the game may drive the average parent literally Bananas, there is a very valuable learning to the game.  The girls ‘math skills have greatly improved because they are constantly adding either the tally of the types of cars they find or the number on license plates.  While our youngest was still 4, we would help her find her cars and the “Blackjacks” and thus, she would always be on a parent team against the older girls who seemed to have an advantage of being tall enough to see more clearly out of the windows.  Plus, our youngest took a little longer catching on.  She was good, however, of adding up points, particularly since it was low number addition.  Now that she’s 5 and has caught on to the game and she’s good at finding her own cars.  However, she still needs a little helping hand at the finding “Blackjacks”.  Nevertheless, all of the girls are constantly adding numbers in their head and stimulating their brains while having fun driving down the street.  They develop good sportsmanship by witnessing each other’s finds, sharing sightings of cars and awarding both people points and shaking hands to say “good game” when our car finally (and thank God) pulls into the driveway.  Again, this is a great family and learning game.  Noisy? Absolutely.  But, hey, they could be literally punching and poking in the back seat while yelling at each other.  So, at least this is a constructive and more enjoyable way to hear them yell!

Try our “ 2011 Pierre Punch Buggy” game or create your own!  Whatever you do, have fun while learning and laughing on the roads.

Learning and laughing on the road!  That’s What’s Up!


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