Sade World Tour, 2011 – Atlanta

In Concerts on July 13, 2011 at 12:01 AM

If you are fortunate enough to have ever seen Sade live in concert then you already know that you have seen a legend.  If you are fortunate enough to live in a city that Sade has yet to appear and will be coming to soon, then we hope you have tickets.  If not, we highly recommend you follow this link to buy your tickets NOW as you are promised a show of a lifetime.  (By the way, she’s in Miami this Friday, July 15th)


And, this recommendation comes from two people who are pretty discriminate about concerts.  There are some people who will buy tickets for every concert event that appears in their city.  Yeah, we aren’t those people.  We both love music but you have to admit, not everyone who produces music these days deserves for you to drop the hundreds of dollars it takes to see them live.  Furthermore, because our iPods collect very different music, we have to find concerts that match both of our styles and selective concert buying standards.

Mind you, Dennis will listen to and concert go to “Kenya’s style” of music even though there’s probably no Sade or even John Legend on his iPod.  It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy this genre but it’s just not something that makes his iPod download list.  The same goes for Kenya.  In the club, she may dance and even drop it to the floor for Rick Ross or Shawty Lo but you won’t see such music on her iPod.  And, concert going to this music for her would probably be out of the question unless it was Jay-Z.  (But, really, Dennis probably wouldn’t be found at just any rap concert either these days even if he does own such CDs).  Dennis is definitely the hip-hop and rap purchaser of music.  Kenya is more eclectic with anything from Frankie Beverly & Maze, Teena Marie, Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates to Coldplay, Sting, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and of course, Sade.  And, because she keeps the girls’ music too, of course there is also Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift (of course, her album is next to Kanye West’s).

We last saw Sade over 10 years ago in Columbus, OH, and like fine wine, she has only gotten better with time.  Last night we were able to see her in Atlanta at Philips arena with John Legend as her opener.  He gave a stellar performance that created the perfect setting and mood to bring Sade to the stage.  Only one word is needed to describe Sade: Phenomenal!  With her raspy, sultry voice and beguiling beauty, Sade took the stage and lit the arena glowing as she opened with her most recent hit, “Soldier of Love”.  Her presence was captivating yet simple.  Of course her hair was pulled back into her signature look and the audience screamed with each salute she gave during the song.

One thing that we have enjoyed with a Sade concert is that you get an actual show; a performance like no other.  And, like Sade, the singer, the show is mesmerizing without overindulgence.  The graphics were purposeful and well coordinated with her songs that were chosen for the night.  In fact, many of the graphics gave visual, special effects that brought her lyrics to life.  Song after song, the voice of Sade along with the instruments of her band, had her audience swaying to the beats and living in the moment of her spirit.  She is a living legend!

Sade is actually the name of the band, named after the lead singer, Sade Adu.  Releasing their first debut in 1984, members Sade Adu (lead vocals), Stuart Matthewman (guitar and saxophone), Paul Spencer Denman (bass) and Andrew Hale (keyboard) have been playing together ever since.  Their familiarity is obvious as each member vibes together on stage to bring their unique sounds into harmony.  The music is so pure that you can’t help but to fall in love again.  (For us, it helps that two of their songs: “Kiss of Life” and “No Ordinary Love” grace our wedding montage video).  And, with all of the auto-tunes and replica instruments that indulge much of our modern day music, listening to live instruments as the backdrop to the presence of Sade and her voice was exceptional.  Matthewman plays that saxophone so sweet, you’d think there were words being sung from it.  The same thing could be said about Denman on the bass.  The melodic rhythm of their instruments just caresses your soul.

At 52 years young (born January 16, 1959), Sade has remained timeless.  She still maintains her fresh-face, youthful and pleasant appearance that we have all come to know and love.  She is not only beautiful on the outside but her presence emits a spirit that brings out a soft, sweet glow from within, especially when she smiles.  Sade keeps a low profile adding an alluring mystique that causes her audience to delight in her rare presence.  It is truly a treat to see this talented group come together live and do what they do.

For an encore performance, Sade appeared with her fourth wardrobe change in a stunning red gown to sing “Cherish the Day”.  Amongst the backdrop and a front screen of a black and white city, her red silhouette only made us want more.  While we didn’t get to hear a favorite, “Lover’s Rock”, we were truly blessed with the energy and talents of the entire Sade band.  With so many albums and songs, we would have probably been there until the next morning just to hear them all.  (And, surely, most of the audience would have stayed given the option).  But, with a band like this, we could have listened to them sing and play the alphabet!   It’s obvious that we really enjoyed ourselves and we highly pass on our recommendation for this remarkable event.

Sade.  That’s What’s Up!


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