10 Degrees South

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We couldn’t wait to tell you all about one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta!  10 Degrees South brings all of the wonderful flavors that make your mouth water with just the thought of biting into one of their dishes.  The wine menu offers a wonderful selection that can be paired with any dish for a perfect bouquet of flavors.  Tested by some of our South African friends for authenticity, we think this is the best thing you can do to get to South Africa without having to get on a plane for almost a day.

The decor is beautiful and sets the perfect ambience for enjoying a great meal with a date or with a group of friends.

If the weather permits, we suggest you sit outside on the covered porch.

While everything on the menu is seriously banging, we offer guidance with a few of our favorites.

Small Plates

One of the best parts about this restaurant is that most of their main courses can be found in a sample size or “small plates”.  This gives you the option to try the dishes or simply have a combination of many of the dishes as a main course.
You can never go wrong with the spring rolls, however, our favorite of the two are the peri-peri chicken spring rolls – a staple appetizer.  Peri-peri sauce is like the South African hot sauce.  And, just like Frank’s® Red Hot® sauce, we put that **** on everything!  We love mussels and here, the mussels melt in your mouth.  The prawns are okay but nothing that we remember standing out.  The calamari is another staple appetizer and is delectable in the lemon caper butter sauce.  If you’re looking for just a taste of meat and not an entire meal, we suggest the lollipop lamb chops and the boerewors.  We’ve been told that the restaurant’s boerewors, a lean beef sausage, is a little taste of home to many South Africans as this is a popular cuisine in their country.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boerewors.  If you still can’t decide, just order one of the sampler platters.  We love the seafood sampler!

(photo of lamb chops)

Main Courses

Again, many of the main courses can be found as starters under “small plates” so for those not mentioned above, we suggest you try the following great dishes:  Chicken Curry, Cape King Klip and Peri-Peri Chicken.
The chicken curry is Kenya’s staple main course.  Although other dishes are tempting, this pretty much is the one that gets ordered time and time again.  Made with South African spices and herbs, this dish is served on a bed of yellow and white rice topped with sambals.  “Sambals” is the term used for tomatoes, bananas, coconut and chutney.  Although not bad as a topping, this is ordered on the side and usually only the tomatoes get thrown on top (although the bananas are a good side treat) and, of course, a side of peri-peri sauce is thrown in also.
The Cape King Clip brings South African seafood into your mouth.  This light, mild South African fish is grilled and topped with a lemon butter sauce over basmati rice and a side of vegetable.  A fresh and light dish that will leave your taste buds happy and your waistline too, this favorite fish is completely satisfying.
The Peri-Peri chicken is a Cornish hen butterflied, marinated in peri-peri sauce and chargrilled to perfection.  Just the sauce alone is enough to make you want to order it.  Did we mention that the sauce is really good?  This is a flavorful dish and is served with basmati rice and vegetables.


While there are many temptations on the menu, there really is only one dessert that truly stands out and that we haven’t been able to find anywhere except this restaurant.  That is, Di’s Delight!  This is not just any sponge cake; this is like happiness, love and world peace at your lips.  There’s really no way to describe this little cake of joy, you simply just have to try it.  So, absolutely leave room for dessert!

Interesting Facts

Where does the name 10 Degrees South come from?  Well, after several unsuccessful attempts of analyzing latitude and longitude lines of maps only to arrive at the Seychelles Islands, we decided to just ask the restaurant.  The name comes from the fact that Cape Town, South Africa lies ten degrees south of the Tropic of Capricorn.  Pretty clever!
If you can’t make it to Atlanta to enjoy this fabulous restaurant, don’t fret.  We have news that the restaurant is planning to expand their business beginning with their first location opening in Los Angeles.  They are also looking at other popular cities so we hope it comes to your city soon!  http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/print-edition/2011/04/22/houstons-founder-to-help-10-degrees.html

A delectable little taste of South Africa!  That’s What’s Up!


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