Celebrate Love

In Family, Relationships on August 7, 2011 at 12:01 AM

In the midst of a society filled with reprehensible relationships and meaningless marriages highlighted by many of our current reality television shows, it was nice to witness the exact opposite this weekend.  We spent our weekend amongst family and friends who gathered to celebrate the thirty year anniversary of our aunt and uncle.  As you can imagine, thirty years doesn’t come easy no matter who you are and from what generation you were born.  But, for those who are fortunate to see the love of such years, this weekend showed that it definitely comes with rewards.  As their children thanked them for their sacrifices of unconditional love and friends shared stories of times together, you began to understand what got them this far.  It wasn’t just love (after all, didn’t Tina ask us “what’s love got to do with it”), but it goes far beyond affairs of the heart.  Love gets you to the altar but it is true friendship and respect that gets you to thirty years.
If there was a relationship that we’ve tried to model ourselves after, the union of uncle Jimmy and auntie Darlene may be the one.  Surely they may have had their private struggles together and moments of turmoil as any relationship will endure, but what we’ve always witnessed was a true dedication to family and the simplest of love and good times.  There home was always filled with their children and their children’s friends coming and going into the house.  No matter the time or day, the doors to their home swung open with embrace and welcome.  It was definitely a central hang out and a place where nights would begin, end or both.  No matter how many people were already there, however, uncle Jimmy and auntie Darlene could always make room for more.  That’s the kind of love that has been exemplified in their home and through their actions.  Again, this is exhibited between them, through their children and obviously thirty years later.
At Friday’s dinner, one of their children, our cousin, commented on the fact that many people referred to their family as the Huxtables.  She stated that considering that they didn’t really have much money growing up or the home of our favorite TV family, she never knew why.  Well, clearly it’s easier to see this comparison from the outside as we could probably summarize their family style the same.  Just as money can’t buy love, money can’t build families or the memories that this family shares.  At least from what we witnessed, time-shared, lots of laughter, travels and friendships upon friendships provided many of the luxuries and riches that would put most financially wealthy families to shame.  Just as the Huxtables honored family, emphasized the importance of education and valued time with friends and family, uncle Jimmy and auntie Darlene honed the same traditions that made the side-by-side comparisons of family values justified.
With our twelve year anniversary just behind us, we know that we’ve only skimmed the surface of thirty years.  We can only hope that as we continue to enjoy our friendship and love, overcome our obstacles and conquer the challenges of raising a family that we can do it with the grace and effortlessness of our aunt and uncle.  This weekend taught us not only can love last but it deserves to be celebrated.  We can only hope that in eighteen years, our children can celebrate in our love and reward us with stories of gratitude and loving pride.  We hope that our years ahead continue to be surrounded by family and friends, nurtured by the love of our children and grow into an inseparable friendship that doesn’t necessarily reflect the Huxtables, but rather that of our uncle Jimmy and aunt Darlene.

Thirty years of marriage.  That’s What’s Up!

  1. That was dope and true. But y’all doing a wonderful job of carrying on tradition, because as they had 2 doors that stayed open, y’all got like 6 or 7 revolving doors. So please know they will throw y’all a 30 celebration at Soldier Field or somewhere lol. -O

  2. Well said!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the beautiful words. We were overwhelmed by the love and support of so many of our family members and friends who joined us to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

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