Happy “Breath”day!

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Yesterday, in the customary tradition of her birthday or what she likes to call her “breath”day, Kenya took the day off for herself and went to her favorite Spa.  Located at one of our favorite Atlanta boutique hotels), Mansion on Peachtree (because you know we like to boutique), the 29 Spa offers just what your mind, body and soul needs on that special day or even the days “just because”.  Just like the exquisite simplicity that is offered by the hotel itself, 29 Spa adds a sense of tranquility with a touch of “ahhhh”.

Highly recommended and often favored as the usual treatment is the spa package, “Finest Blend”.  With 29’s “Secret of the Vine Facial” and 29’s “Right off the Vine Massage”, this package allows you to reset and glow from head to toe.  We also recommend “Sommelier’s Selection” which is more like a traditional massage and “Stomping Grapes” which, is similar to a sports massage.  “A Touch of Mineral” is another favorite for those of you who love a good stone massage.  If, however, you’re looking for a nice combination of two services, again, the “Finest Blend” is a great choice.  The massage begins with a nice exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and reveal smooth radiant skin.  This is followed by a classic massage that relieves the stress and tension we all carry within our lives.

What separates this spa from many are the little things that make a big difference.  The table is heated which, is an oversight by many spas, both in day spas and in drop in spas.  Why all spas don’t make this a staple (other than those that are outdoors in Arizona in July) is beyond comprehension.  Additionally, the robes are properly weighted and made of comfortable, plush fabric.  There is nothing like a cheap and/or itchy waffled robe to begin your moment of relaxing.  Yes, there are a couple of nice waffle robes but, they are rare and honestly, they just aren’t as comfortable as soft, plush.  More importantly, 29 Spa puts them in the warmer for you while you are being serviced so that they are nice and warm for you to walk out of the room.  Ahhhh!  Any-who, another nice thing are the linens.  Soft, comfortable and velvety linens adorn the massage tables and comfort you while you lay in a state of vulnerability.  There is nothing worse than bad sheets when you’re trying to relax.  And, with the inner “Martha Stewart” that constantly yearns to escape from Kenya, linens are at the top of the grading curve in spa critiques.  Additionally, the head cradles are comfortable and stable.  As head cradles have become more popular for positioning the body into a more neutral and relaxing position while lying on your stomach, their ability to be a fantastic amenity has not necessarily caught on within the industry.  Sometimes they slide, can be loose or quite frankly never get you quite right into position.  And, the price of the massage does not seem to dictate whether or not the head cradle is good.  It is simply determined by the type of table the spa tends to invest.  Sometimes the cradles can be so annoying, it gets to a point where they just have to be removed in order to continue and enjoy the service.  29 Spa must have picked the right one.  Thank you!  Lastly, and right up there with the linens are the products used.  While a pleasant aromatherapy scent fills the room, the products used for both the massage and facial are top notch.  The massage oil glides smoothly but doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and unclean afterwards.  Additionally, they smell great but not overwhelming with any particular minty, floral or butter scent.  You are simply left feeling pleasant.  The products used for the facial were equally impressive.  The best way to test whether products used in a facial are really good is whether or not the extraction on the nose is painful.  Most people need the pores on their nose extracted.  Sometimes, the process can be quite painful as estheticians dig and dig the dirt from the tip of your nose.  If the process leaves you looking like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and your therapist digging like they’re a 49er Miner, it’s probably time to find a better place with better products for a facial.  It may not be just because you have been doing too much “brown-nosing”.

With a dip into the hot tub and a light lunch on the terrace, the day served its purpose to rejuvenate and relax the mind, body and spirit.  As stress builds up in all of our lives and finds its way as a leading cause for high blood pressure and heart disease, we highly recommend taking a time out for YOU.  If you can’t seem to find any other date on the calendar for yourself, make it a new tradition to mark your birthday for your body’s maintenance.  Just like you take your car in for an oil change; take your body in for a life change.  Each year for your birthday, schedule a physical check up (including breast and pap for our “Stilletos” and prostate for our “Ties”), then schedule a massage.  If you have only have time to do it in one day, see your doctor in the morning and follow it up with the spa in the afternoon.

We have talked to many people who have never taken the time out for themselves.  And, 9.5 times out of 10, it’s not because they can’t, they just simply haven’t.  Life is short.  If you take at least a moment to recharge you, you will have that much more energy and then some for those that you take care of.  It doesn’t have to be a day at the spa, it can simply be a day sitting in a quiet house by yourself, sleeping in, enjoying a good book or just simply doing nothing and going nowhere.  Whatever you like to do, just take a moment and breathe.

Your Birthday! Your “Breath”day! That’s What’s Up!


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