Planes, Trains, Faith……and Skype

In Family, Kids, Relationships, Travel on October 21, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Well, we’ve had a bit of some down time over the past month.  Actually, we wish “down time” was the theme.  In fact, it was quite the opposite as both of us embarked on coast-to-coast travels.  Some business, some pleasure, but most of all, just gone!

So, we often get the question, what happens when our agenda calls for one, and in the rare instance, both of us to be away and still manage the house with three children?  “But for the grace of God, go I”.  We have to first give credit where credit is always due and this is simply just how we live our lives.  We are blessed and filled with a loving family and a plethora of friends who help to keep the “village” of our world in tact.  There are no “superhuman” powers we possess or “craziness” that we engage in; we simply have great faith and blessings.  So, over the course of our travels and the past month, we have had our home filled with family and friends to help out in the many ways we have needed and allow for seamless transitions as we packed, unpacked and re-packed our bags.  And, I think because we share our home with the grace and love that God has so blessed us with, I don’t think it comes as a surprise that the energy that we give is brought back to us twice more.  For if you’ve ever visited “Chateau Pierre” or even just joined us for a drink and/or a game of pool at “The Spot” at Chateau Pierre, then you know, our home is your home.  (Just be sure to book early because rooms are usually occupied on the weekends).  Seriously.

In addition to the love that we so humbly embrace each day from within and without, we are also thankful for the modern day technology that allows us to connect and ease any worries of our children.  Some of you may already do this when you travel, but surprisingly, there are many (like ourselves before 2 years ago), that just didn’t even think of it.  So, we offer you another tip/reminder, that when you travel, take full advantage of Skype.

With modern computers coming standard with cameras, phones with camera and internet capabilities, iPad2 and other tablets that integrate a camera, there is no better way to say “hello” than through today’s technology that brings The Jetsons to life.  Sometimes, we check in and just say hi, other times we’ll read a book together, we’ve laid down together or sometimes the girls just want to tell us all about their day face to face.  They get a kick out of it and honestly, we do too because it definitely helps to break up the trip that we’re on and eases the “business” of being on the road.

Most of the time, our personal computers are left at home and therefore, we access Skype through our mobile devices.  Considering your kids may or may not know how to access Skype or they are left with, let’s just say “not so computer savvy” sitters, be sure to set the Skype up before you leave.  We have also set up two accounts so that we know all IDs and passwords to access and give directions.  For the most part, it’s just a matter of pushing the icon and you’re there.  Make a video call and you’re on your way.  Pretty cool.  Costs you nothing.  And, can make all the difference in the world to you and your loved ones.

While we don’t really travel much, when we do, this is one of the ways we cope.  Of course, nothing takes the place of holding your child/ren and/or spouse in your arms but this sure beats having to wonder “just how messed up is her hair after daddy did it”?  Now, you’ll know! 😉

The Jetsons have come alive!  Skype!  That’s What’s Up!


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