Y’all Have a Lot of Love

In Family, Relationships on December 28, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Where have you all been?

Yes.  This is the question of the day and every day for the past two months.  And, rightfully so.  We kind of just fell off.  And, how could we fall off in the midst of so many things to discuss?  Let’s see.  It’s been about 2 months since our last blog relating to using Skype to stay connected to love ones while traveling.  And, then……silence.

Well, in case you’re wondering.  No, we didn’t follow in the footsteps of the ever so anticipated and ever so predictable mockery of a marriage and divorce of Kim Kardashian.  (No, really, I had soooo many things to say about that unnecessary and overrated madness.)  We didn’t go into a multi-million dollar stand-off with the likes of the NBA.  (Have we worked out who owns who and who can go where and whether owners can keep the locked chains on players?)  And, fortunately, Kenya was not added to the highly detested Herman Cain groped list. (I guess his 9-9-9 plan forgot to mention the 9 women in 9 days with 9 cases.  Seriously, Herman?)  Basically, we did what all bloggers do – get busy with life, have random thoughts floating in our heads and great discussions that we should share but never get the chance to sit down to type, and then we get a moment to breathe and the year is almost over. Yep.  That’s pretty much it.  No excuses.  This is the life of two people who really do live and try to share their lives with others.  At least you now know we are real and live by the same 24 hours in a day like you all do.

One thing that did happen that we’d love to share because one, that’s the point of the blog and two, we had such a great time and received the greatest compliments that it’s only appropriate to share:  our Thanksgiving 2011.

Considering we just celebrated a wonderful Christmas with our immediate family of us and the kids, for Thanksgiving, as we have done in the past, we extended our home beyond our Fab Five and filled our home with the greatest of love and fun.  As stated, we’ve done Thanksgiving like this before, but for some reason, this time just seemed more so.  Maybe it was because we almost had the entire family or maybe it was because we were joined by new friends.  But, mostly, we just had lots of fun.  Our greatest compliment we received that evening was “thank you for sharing your family.  Y’all have a lot of love.”  And, while this may be something that is so simple and something that we embrace constantly, we both had to pause and give thanks for just that.  Love.

Our evening began with our children putting on a play/narrative with ma-maw about how we give thanks that highlighted the theme: “We give thanks for our family”.  Then, of course, we filled our bellies with the best of the edible delights where we all pitched in to contribute to the ever-so-yummy spread.  That, in of itself, is a blessing as no one, particularly Kenya as the host, is left in the kitchen alone.  But, we, as a family share in making a feast to be enjoyed by all.  Just that alone makes for a joyous occasion.  Then we ate, we sang, we danced and the best part of the night was watching ma-maw be transformed into “Lil G’Ma” as we watched her debut rap video.  Now, anyone who knows Mrs. Pierre can only imagine how entertaining this was as we all looked up at the television and watched her rap about her rolls and coneys.

Fun. Laughs. And Love.  That’s What’s Up.


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