But the Greatest of These is Love

In Family, Relationships on January 1, 2012 at 12:01 AM

Can you believe it’s already 2012?  Wow.  I don’t know about you but 2011 seemed to fly by without any regard.  Hopefully it was a good year for you.  And, if you’ve had better, let’s just hope that 2012 makes up for the shortcoming.

This is our 15th year of celebrating the New Year as a couple.  Bringing in the year 1997 was our new beginning.  And, while we thought dating our best friend may be a good thing, admittedly, I don’t think either of us would have thought about all that we have seen and done together over the years.  Most of all, I’m sure we wouldn’t have imagined that 15 years later we would be brining in the new year with a trip to the American Girl Atlanta store and a cabin at Lake Lanier with our three little girls.  Yeah, things are quite different from fifteen years ago.

But, as we reflect on those years, there’s not much either of us would change.  There have been some good times, some not so good times, and just about everything in between.  There has been a lot of growth between us.  Obviously, our family has grown, our home has grown, and yes, even our waistlines have grown.  But, through it all, our most important growth is our relationship.  And, by “growth”, I actually mean “growing” for it is a constant evolution of learning, friendship and dedication.

Not only is today the beginning of a new year, but it is also the last of the seven principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba).  It is the day of Imani (Faith).  The seventh principle gives us a profound belief in and commitment to all that is of value to us beginning with God.  Through Him, we know that all things are possible.  Through Him, we know that we exist individually, united as a couple and together as a family.  Faith in ourselves and in our family allows us to step into this new year with the belief and hope for a better year.  We give thanks for all that we have endured in the past year, all that we have experienced and all that we have yet to become.  We have hope for all that God has planned for us and believe that our year will be filled with opportunities that will allow us to contribute to our society and give to our family the support, care and goodness needed to be better in our lives.

While the new year is a popular time to make resolutions, go on fad diets and quit old habits, we think simplicity is key to a new year. Fresh starts don’t have to be complex or full of struggles.  Nor do they have to be filled with empty promises that will probably fade by March.  Just as we did 15 years ago, we continue to do year to year.  Simply love.  Love yourself.  Love another.  Just love.  Imagine if everyone made that their 2012 goal.  Imagine what our world would look like if we really resorted to just loving one another, loving ourselves and living our life with that simple four letter word.  It doesn’t mean we end our differences or our individuality.  It just means that we don’t look at those things as obstacles for continuing to walk together.  It means that we embrace each other, our likes and differences as He would want us to do.

So, for the next 12 months.  Find a way to show Love.  We’ll call it our “12 for 12”!  Each month, find a way to show L-O-V-E.  Show it to a friend, your neighbor, your community, even yourself.  It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it.  JUST LOVE!  Please come back and leave us your comments letting us know how you have shared your love each month.  Forget the resolutions, let’s start a Love Revolution!

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”  1 Corinthians 13:13

Love!  That’s What’s Up!

  1. love this, kp. it’s been an honor to watch your growth. you have such a beautiful spirit and your light shines thru your gorgeous family. thanks for trying to start a “love revolution.” the world definitely needs that! love you!

  2. Love this post! Looking forward to more in 2012!

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