Do (Dough) Pizza

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If you’re looking for a modern, casual, chic place that makes you feel like you’re definitely in the age of modern technology, then Do is where you need to be.  It doesn’t hurt that the menu is a delightful melody for your taste buds and provides an excellent variety of pizzas, salads, appetizers, drinks and delicious desserts.  Although you might be singing one of the most popular songs from the “Sound of Music” (Do, a deer, a female deer….) for hours after leaving (or maybe that was just me :s), you will also be singing some of your favorite songs that surround the walls and fill the air of the restaurant.  After all, with the help of your iPhone/iPod and the “Remote” App, you get to select and/or vote your favorite songs directly into the DJ booth without ever leaving your seat.  We thought that was pretty cool as it allowed you to have interactive input into your audible environment.  (Here is a picture of our iPhone voting on the songs we want the DJ to play)

Every table is equipped with an iPad for perusing and selecting items from the menu.

No more wondering if the server got your order right.  And, no more pressure from the server to see if you’re ready for them to take your order as they stand over you with a pen and a pad.  At this pizza place, you are in control.  You have the ability to look through the menu at your own leisure and you even have the chance to review your selections before final submission to the kitchen. 

Don’t worry if you have questions, as you aren’t completely on your own.  There is also a button to summon your server should you need a human contact.  (So, you don’t have to push “1” for English followed by a number of other prompts only to arrive at an automated message).  Customer service is not lacking at Do and the servers make every effort to help you overcome you fascination with your dinnertime play toy so that you can place your order correctly.  And, when you’re finished with your meal and you’re ready to go, just enter your valet ticket number into your iPad and your car will be ready at the door.  Now THAT’S customer service!

The environment is definitely modern, sleek and chic.  The white furnishings are the simplicity of stylish and profound lighting that sets the perfect ambience for a unique and enjoyable dining experience.  The walls surround you with the video of the songs that fill the air.  And, the food delights you with simple yet savory Italian blends. With the crust of the pizza as a flatbread combined with fresh toppings, you don’t leave Do feeling as heavy and full as you would other pizza establishments.  And, with the lack of gluttony as you bite into your last slice of pizza, there’s plenty of room for selecting one of their delicious desserts.

We started our night with the Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread, a great combination of spice, sweet and simple deliciousness.  The salsa was so fresh; they had to have made it as soon as our order was submitted.  We also had the do-prese salad, which was also fresh and crisp with every bite.  For our entrées, Kenya chose the “Maestro” pizza, which is the house specialty pizza with garlic sauce, spinach, shrimp and cheese.  Admittedly, this was good but not as great as Dennis’ pizza selection, “Composition” which includes their pizza sauce, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheeses.   The rating of the Composition over the Maestro was simply because their sauce was so good and was, of course, absent on the Maestro. Kenya picked off the “forbidden meats” and enjoyed the sauce and vegetables of the Composition.  Next time, maybe the “Melody” will be her selected choice.  Last, but not least, we treated ourselves with dessert. 

Unfortunately, we did something we usually don’t do: we got the same menu item.  We both ordered the “Romance”.  But, it was only because Dennis made it very clear that he would be eating his alone.  😉  The desserts are very personal and suitable in size.  I guess we could have shared, but honestly, we’re both glad we didn’t.  I’m not really sure how that could have happened because neither of us left any evidence that the dessert ever existed.

When you go, make sure you also go to the space age bathroom.  Although bathrooms are not a normal part of our reviews, Do is also not your “normal” restaurant.  There is no mirror that hangs above the sink but instead there is, of course, an iPad that you are welcome to check your make-up or your hair.  And, if you are really feeling inspired, you can even take your picture and leave it there for others to see.  I guess this is the modern way of putting graffiti on the walls to say that you “were here”.  😉

Take a look at the menu and see all that the restaurant has to offer.  Take note of their musical lingo of menu items that creates the perfect harmony of Do (Dough) with the melodic ambience of the restaurant.

We can’t wait to go back in the spring or summer where we can take advantage of their outdoor space. But, we definitely plan to return before then for a casual dining hang out.

NOTE:  The restaurant is only open Thursday through Saturday.  A bummer, yes, but maybe if they get enough traffic, there will be a big enough demand to open on the other days.  They’ve only been open since May, 2011 so we’ll give them a chance.

HOURS: Thurs 5:30 PM – 1 AM, Fri-Sat 5:30 PM – 2 AM
LOCATION INFORMATION:  955 W. Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30318 | (404) 541-9060

Harmonious Pizza.  Do.  That’s What’s Up!


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