Good Laughs

In Concerts, Night Life, Uncategorized on January 14, 2012 at 12:01 AM

Last night we were pleasantly entertained by the comedy of Chris Paul and Huggy Lowdown of the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  We went to see them last year and thought they were hilarious.  So, when we heard on the radio that they would be in town again, we decided to give them another visit.

Appearing at the Punchline in Atlanta, both of these guys had us laughing to the point where eating and drinking was often not an option if you wanted to keep yourself from choking or spitting.  If you ever listen to the TJMS, you will often hear Huggy giving his witty remarks about celebrities, gossip, news and recent events.  Weekly, he also crowns a “Bamma of the week”, honoring the person who Huggy felt engaged in the week’s most ridiculous antics, statements, or the like.  Chris Paul can also be heard on the TJMS often summarizing the NFL games of the week with lyrics to a late hit.  The two together are an amazing back-to-back performance of side-splitting laughter.

(not the greatest iPhoto but we think it’s great that they greet all of their fans and take the time to pose for a picture.  These two are definitely not Bammas!) 😉

Although there will probably only be one performance left, by the time this is posted, be sure to look for the two to appear in a comedy club near you.  We guarantee that they won’t disappoint you.  The best thing about these two is that their comedy is relative to everyone’s life and style.  They make you feel like they were your old high school or college classmates who were just the common jokesters in your friendship circle.  They’re just down to earth funny!  And, more importantly, neither of them have an overuse of foul language or crass humor that give any moments of discomfort or awkwardness for those in the crowd.  You know how some comedy shows can be where you may fear sitting in the front row or you’re hoping that your hair and clothes are okay so you don’t get targeted into the routine.  While Huggy has a little audience participation, his witty style may actually wish you were the one who he sought for the punch line.

So, be sure to Google these two to see when and where they come to your town.

Because laughter is good for your soul!  That’s What’s Up!


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