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In Family, Kids on February 17, 2012 at 12:01 AM

Many people wonder how Kiva actually works in regards to the payback.  I’m sure it depends on the borrower, but I have to say that we have so far had a good return on our micro-loan philanthropy efforts.  We just received an e-mail that our most recent loan had begun to be repaid.  So, this post is just to share with our followers how the messages are communicated involving the payback. Hopefully this makes you more aware of how Kiva works and encourages you to think about this organization in your “12 for 12 Love Revolution” journey this year.  Apologies for the mis-aligned paste from the e-mail message to the blog.  I’m sure there are some computer whiz codes that would alleviate the issue but I think the overall message is clear.

Microloans that change lives and keep their word.  That’s What’s Up!

Loans that change lives

Hi.  We’d like to give you a repayment update on the loans you’ve
made through Kiva. A total of $10.00 has been repaid over the past month!
As of February 18, 2012, you now have $10.00 in Kiva Credit in your account.
You can re-lend to another borrower,withdraw to your PayPal account or donate
these funds to help cover Kiva’s operating expenses. (The minimum
lending amount is $25, but you can easily add new funds to existing
Kiva Credit to complete a loan purchase.)Below is the repayment update
on your Kiva Portfolio.

Robinah (#381330)
Country: Uganda
Activity: General Store
You Loaned: $100.00
Newly Repaid: $10.00
Total Repaid So Far: $10.00 (10.00% of your loan)
Repayment Status: Paying back on time

Best Wishes,
Kiva Staff

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.
Thank you.
— The Kiva Team

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  1. I thought this is an excellent idea. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will surely incorporate and follow suit

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