Catching Up

In Family, Kids on June 1, 2012 at 12:59 AM

For those who are following us at Ties and Stilletos (or, maybe I should say were), our apologies.  As with many people, life has its tendencies of interrupting, taking over, and next thing you know two months have passed since you’ve last blogged.

So things have been running a little hectic and crazy but that’s to be expected from a family with 3 kids.  After all, this blog is supposed to be about keeping some kind of sense around family life and having fun in between.

Even though our blog has been bogged, we haven’t lost our “love revolution”.  So to catch us up on some past moments, here’s what we have to share:

March was rolling for a moment as we talked about issues that focused on women.  After all, March is women’s history month and so it is always great to tap into the dynamic that is the human backbone of our existence.  Hopefully, there is a great woman in your life that you celebrate and honor be it today, yesterday or tomorrow.

March was also a milestone celebration for our very own Dennis as he hit the big 4-0! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh my gosh!!! J  And, did we ever celebrate.  Much love was shown as his boyz flew from the banks of LBC to show shawty some love in the A.  Much of our family also came down and we had a really good weekend that we will never forget.  What a great way to bring in a new decade.  Yes, this is his lovely and just as delicious cake!  Everything was edible (except the tray and the wire that created the cigar smoke).  The cake was made scrumptiously by our neighbor Karen from Made With Sugar.  Seriously, the best cake ever and all I did was sent in a picture.  She did the rest!  If you are in the Atlanta area, give her a shout out and order on her page!

In April,we celebrated our oldest daughters birthdays with the oldest having her own milestone 10. I can say that I had plenty of emotions as going into double digits with her was more than I thought. I just couldn’t help thinking of how I first held her and when we first brought her home and how we had no clue with what to do with a baby but just went with the flow anyway. And, now she’s 10! Wow! Congratulations to our little Scooby! 🙂 And, this is a picture of Kalyn’s cake which was also good but was not professionally made. This was only lovingly made by mommy with the help of Duncan Hines and some cute, edible cake tattoos that I bought from Michael’s. It was delicious and even more so, Kalyn LOVED it!

In April we also started a garden and planted a bed of herbs and a bed of vegetables. We show our love for nature and filled our backyard with some organic grown foods. As of now, the garden is doing pretty well as our vegetables are finally starting to sprout. We’ve already eaten many of the herbs, stuffing them into chicken and salsa dishes. In the herb garden we have lemon balm, mint, sage, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, bay leaves, and rosemary. In the vegetable garden we have 2 tomato plants, jalapeño, spinach, lettuce, collard greens, broccoli, yellow pepper, green pepper and cucumber.  This is all experimental but so far it has been really fun planting and watching our garden grow.  We’ll keep you posted on any tips or learnings we get from our whole “farmer Joe” experience.  As long as snakes keep their place and out of our garden, it will be all good!

Of course May is for the love of mothers.  Whether you’re a mother, stepmother, mother-to-be, or just mother figure, we all love our mothers.  Our girls showed the best love on the morning of mother’s day.  We were on our way to church and as I came down the steps, they asked me to sit on the couch for a special surprise.  They had put together an entire performance, just for me.  The oldest started with an introduction to why they love their mom, then they all came up and sang a couple of songs that I guess they found on YouTube that were just for loving mom.  They read me poems, sang songs, and gave me a special performance that words couldn’t begin to describe. They then served me “breakfast” on a cookie sheet with a bagel, cheese and chocolate milk and gave me handmade books each telling me why they loved me so. They read me poems and finished off with handmade gifts that they made just for me.  Let’s just say, we didn’t make it to church.  But, as I said that day, there wasn’t a priest or preacher in sight that could have delivered that message to me that day.  That was all of God’s love for me and that was a celebration that will always be cherished. That was definitely the best Mother’s Day ever! ♥  How blessed we are with these three beautiful girls.  What beautiful spirits.

May was also the final days of school.  Our youngest just finished kindergarten!!!  Wow! Unbelievable! Life is moving WAY too fast!

So, now we’re here in June where we start each summer with a vacation to focus on the love we have for our family.  We just wrapped up a five day cruise on the seas of the Bahamas with Mickey and about 1,000+ of his friends.  Do we recommend it?  Like a man in a desert likes the rain! We’ve got you covered next on our trip, our tips and why we already booked our next Disney cruise even before we got off our first one.

Thanks for catching up! That’s What’s Up!


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