For the Love of a Challenge!

In Family, For the Stilletos, For the Ties on June 4, 2012 at 3:25 PM

Here’s our challenge for June.  For the love of a challenge.  For the love of fitness.  For the love of YOU!

Every year, my company has a challenge to get everyone geared up for summer or maybe even to get you back on the wagon from that new year’s resolution you made a while ago to get back into shape.  Well, we’re sharing the challenge with you.

For the entire month of June, complete the Ironman.  Now, for those who want an extra challenge, time yourself for each leg of exercise you do daily.  For others (like us), just complete the challenge.  If you’re really up for a challenge, see how many ironman’s you can complete in the month.

Here are the details for completing the ironman

Run 26.2 miles

Swim 2.4 miles

Bike 112 miles

You can do it in any order and you can start and stop during the entire month.  Just keep track of how much you’ve completed so that you can pick up where you left off.  Again, if you really want to push yourself, also keep track of your time.

For some great tips and nutrition guidelines for completing the ironman (remember, we’re doing it over the course of a month), please visit their website.

Now ladies, particularly some of my soul sistahs, I know you’re probably thinking.  Girrrrrrl….I was with you until you said to swim.  My hair! Oh, my hair!  The running and biking is already going to sweat it out but dang, swim too?  So, here’s a tip.  Swim last!  Complete the biking and running first.  Then, swim the last week.  Or, try to swim the 2.4 in one day.  It’s the least of distances, so push yourself.  You can do it.  I wish I could recommend the best swim cap to completely keep your hair water free but I’m still waiting and looking for that one.  To be fair, I am completely natural so all I can do is recommend some good hair products.  I personally love Elucence  or you can also purchase at curlmart.  The entire line is great.  From the clarifying, to the shampoo to the conditioner.  And, because of the swimming, the clarifying is good to use.   Anyway, If I need to straighten, I blow dry with an ion brush and an ionic blow dryer with Paul Mitchell’s smoothing super skinny serum.  I then flat iron with a flat iron that got me in the mall.  While I usually don’t go for these kiosks, I must say, I don’t regret this purchase at all.  It’s the Bellezza flat iron and I’m all about it!    It really is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  You can also always two strand twist, put a little moose or gel in to make it curly if your hair does that, or braid it up, weave it up, whatever.  Whatever will make it easy for you to complete the 2.4 miles by the end of June!

Now, let’s get to work people.  We’re already 4 days in so my apologies with the late notice.  But, we can do this.  Ironman (Iron-woman) here we come!!!!

Ironman.  One month.  That’s What’s Up!


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