Why We Didn’t Like Our Disney Cruise……

In Family, Kids, Travel on June 5, 2012 at 10:00 AM

………..We LOVED it!  Isn’t that such like a kid?  Maybe, we caught a little of that from our week on a ship with Mickey and 4,000 of his friends.  But, we really enjoyed ourselves so much that we booked our cruise for next year before we even got off the ship.

As I’m just beginning to feel the subtle rocking of our ship cease, I am still elated from our 5 day cruise to the Bahamas on the Disney Cruise ship: Dream.  What an amazing trip!

We first cruised with Royal Caribbean on our honeymoon almost 13 years ago on Majesty of the Seas.  We thought that was pretty fun although we also agreed that 7 days of cruising in the Caribbean was a bit long.  Our next cruise was about 5 years ago.  Again, it was a 7-day cruise but it was perfect to sail through the Mediterranean seas and visit the beautiful lands of Italy, Croatia, and Malta.  We sailed on Holland, which is known for their luxury, style and accommodations.  And, we absolutely recommend that trip and cruise line, as that was an amazing trip.

Well, again, while those are both highly recommended cruise lines, we both agree that Disney reached a new level and outdid both of them.  From the staterooms to the service to just the energy that everyone on board brings, this was by far the best cruise, vacation and family time that we’ve spent so far.

For some of you, I know what you’re thinking.  I don’t have kids so why would this interest me?  EVEN WITHOUT KIDS, this is a GREAT cruise.  Do you know how many people we met on that cruise without kids?  OMG!  You’d be so surprised!  In fact, we met a couple that said they were on their 8th Disney cruise; the 7th Disney cruise WITHOUT their kids.  Classic.  😛  We often heard that this was the case but now that we’ve been on it, we completely understand.  There’s an entire 18+, adult only section of the boat that makes you forget that you’re even on a Disney cruise.  From the adult pool including a bar, lounges, sections of the beach, etc…, you can really be on the cruise without interacting with kids.  But, the energy from the other side is so amazing that catching it is actually welcoming and joyous.  This is definitely not the 4-hour plane ride with the crying baby all the way.  And, did I mention the spa with the breathtaking view?  Spa-aah-mazing! 🙂

Now, for those of you, who, like us, look to the Disney cruise for a family vacation, we absolutely say it’s a must.  We understand that it may amount to a couple of mortgage payments for some but it is absolutely possible to save up for the year and do this.  Really.  And, there are plenty of options to make this trip affordable for every income level.

We have a family of 5 and we stayed in an oceanview stateroom with verandah.  It was very spacious, particularly compared to our other cruises with a similar room.  There were 2 bathrooms.  One with sink and toilet and another with sink and shower.  This made it very easy to get ready.  And, the showers are the most spacious we’ve seen for this style of room including a rain shower.  Considering you’re not really in the room much, this style would work just fine for a family our size.  And the beds are super comfy.  Again, above average and even more comfortable than some nice hotels.  Each of the girls had their own beds and their beds were pretty cozy too.  Now, if you’re more of a royal suite upgrade type, these rooms are available, of course, full of luxury and also recommended.  Again, considering you’re not in your room much, we’d only recommend splurging on such a room if you just have to because you have it like that or if you really plan to be in it and so you’d like extra space and glitz.  Otherwise, again, the oceanview staterooms are good.

If you’re looking to cut costs a little, try for an inside stateroom or just a stateroom with a porthole window (no balcony).  These rooms, are slightly lower in costs.  These rooms, however, only sleep 3-4 comfortably.  So for a family size like ours, the inside rooms weren’t an option.  What we’re saying overall though is that you can save up and pay for the cruise if you start saving now and sail with us next year! J  Of course, you’ll have to actually book the cruise and place a deposit down but you don’t have to pay the whole thing right now.  Again, you can save up so that next year, you can sail into some fun, some sun and a little Mickey too.  Also, compare the dates and destinations.  Some dates and locations are more expensive than others.  Although our kids were out of school, many kids are still in.  So, our rate was a little less than had we waited until the next trip 2 weeks later because at that point most schools will be out for the summer.  That increases the rate.

From the great tasting food to the all you can eat ice-cream to the cleanliness and service, this cruise doesn’t miss a thing.  And, to top it off, you can ride the Aqua Duck, the water roller coaster that circles most of the ship for added adventure.  If you just want to sun bathe on deck while the kids jump in the pool, you can do that too and catch up on a Disney classic movie while you’re at it.  There is a nursery that I would absolutely entrust my baby to that is open from 9a to 1a.  And, if your child is old enough to go to the Oceaneer room to run, jump, play and create, we absolutely say to drop your kid off here and let the adults go to their “play area”.  The Oceaneer room made you want to be a kid again.  What an incredible place.  Our 10 year old gained a little independence as she ventured out to “The Edge”, a club designed just for tweens.  One night, we beat her home as she met her 2 am curfew after hanging with her new found friends.  Yes, she was loving that.  And, it helped all of us to learn about responsibilities and that our baby is really growing up.

Our trip left from Port Canaveral, FL and cruised to their private island Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, then to Nassau, Bahamas where we beached at the famous Atlantis hotel, we then sailed for a day at sea, then back to Castaway Cay and then home.  Next year we take the same trip on the same ship except it will be 4 days as we will not visit Castaway Cay twice.  We didn’t even get off the boat at Castaway Cay the second time.  I think many stayed on the ship.  Maybe this is why they decided that one stop there was plenty and just cut it out for the future.  Everyone saves money and time that way.  And, now it encourages us to use that extra day to just go to the park when we get back.  Okay, so maybe only Disney saves money and THAT’S the plan. LOL!  Because, going to the park for that extra day definitely doesn’t save us anything.  But, considering that they cut the price, maybe it balances out.

So, next year, take advantage of the 4-day deal and sail the seas with us.   You will NOT be disappointed! Do it for your family.  Heck, do it for yourself!

Family Fun.  Family Memories for life.  That’s What’s Up!


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