Great Steak

In For the Stilletos, For the Ties, Restaurants on July 27, 2012 at 5:59 AM

(This is a little back dated but it’s been on our minds since we went to the restaurant so it’s worth posting and sharing another great find in Atlanta)

On June 26, 2012, we celebrated our lucky in love 13th anniversary.  Yep, THIRTEEN YEARS!!!  That is just in marriage.  The great thing about our anniversary is that it also coincides with the time we went on our first date which would be 22 years ago! Not bad for a couple of kids who were blessed and fortunate enough to find each other in high school and create a friendship that we never even knew would go so deep.

In our usual celebration style, we went to a restaurant, particularly a steak house.  Wow!  We thought we had tasted some of the best steaks in the nation already until we took a trip to the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta and sat down at Kevin Rathbun’s Steak restaurant.  This was some of the best dry-aged steak ever.  It was the most flavorful, tender steak you could sink your teeth into.  Before we indulged in this great feast, we first started with the lobster fritters and baked escargot.  Can you say YUM?!

The atmosphere was perfect.  It wasn’t too stuffy where you felt out of place even in nice jeans.  The decor is modern but down to earth fitting right into the niche neighborhood of the revamped Fourth Ward district.  And, just as charming and humble and inviting as the restaurant, Kevin Rathbun himself is just as normal and present in his restaurant just as if he was any other great chef.  You can easily find him walking around, cooking and just doing what he does best.  Iron Chef hasn’t gone to his head which makes you want to go dine with him even more.

If there was one critique, and this really is only one, desserts are not his specialty.  Now, mind you, we are not chocoholics so we really can’t attest to the specialty dessert that is filled and covered in chocolate.  So maybe that is delish.  However, the creme brûlée and bread pudding were good but nothing to really brag about.  That’s okay because everything else was absolutely perfect.

So, if you’re looking for a nice anniversary spot or just your next date night or even just a spot to have some great food in a great environment, we highly recommend Kevin Rathbun Steak.  Enjoy!

Great Steak! Great Love! That’s What’s Up!


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