Chalk Talk Weekend Project

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Growing up, I always wanted a chalkboard in my house.  I loved playing school even if I had to be the teacher and the student.  (Yes, the downfall of being an only child).  Kids in my neighborhood would play but I guess the idea of going to school and then coming home to “play” school was not their idea of “playtime”.

Our girls love playing school and the best part is there are enough of them to play.  Count their dolls and you’ve got a complete classroom!  🙂 Thankfully, with the help of the paint industry, putting a chalkboard in a house is not as much as it once used to be.  In fact, you don’t even need to buy a chalkboard.  You simply paint and go! Besides, with the new modern-day “smart boards”, having a chalkboard may make your home “vintage”. 😉

We actually created a magnetic, chalkboard.  So, in addition to writing in chalk, you can also place magnets on it.  Admittedly, and probably due to the color choice of the chalkboard, the magnetic board is not that strong.  I think if you just wanted a basic black chalkboard, the weakness of the magnet wouldn’t be so bad because you wouldn’t need so many coats to cover up the black magnetic paint.  The magnet paint only came (or at least I could only find) in black.  So, choosing periwinkle/purple as the ultimate chalkboard color wasn’t as easy to cover the black magnet paint underneath.  Also, as a FYI, there is dry erase paint if that’s what you prefer.

This is a very quick, easy and affordable project.  I actually did this on my own.  Dennis kept the girls out of my hair while I completed the project.  It was done in a day.  Below are some step by step instructions for you to do it yourself too!  And, remember, it doesn’t have to be just to play school or for a playroom.  This paint is perfect for kitchens.  I’ve seen many people use it on pantry doors and write cute messages and reminders to their family.  Have fun!

What you will need:

* Painter’s tape
*Paint Brushes
*Magnetic Paint/Chalkboard Paint/Dry Erase Paint or Any combination desired (Magnetic Paint can be underneath Chalk or dry erase.  You can also do half chalk and half dry erase if desired).
* Trim in the desired thickness and measured to your board.  Don’t worry about sawing this yourself.  The people at the “do it yourself” stores are great and ready to help you cut your desired length.
*Paint for Trim
*Liquid Nails
*Finishing Nails
*Casings for the corner (if you are not using a miter saw)

1.  Measure out the area that you would like as your chalkboard and create a box frame or whatever shape you desire as your chalkboard with painters tape.

2.  If desired to have magnetic paint underneath, paint the magnetic paint in the box area.  Follow the directions according to the can.  I believe I used 2-3 coats of paint for the area.  (I was also painting over a green wall so you may not need more than 2 coats).  Let the magnetic paint dry.  It took about 3-4 hours.

3.  Paint the chalkboard paint on top of the magnetic paint.  Again, follow the directions on the can.  It only said 2 coats, but because the color of our chalkboard was lighter than the magnetic paint, it took about 5-6 coats.  So keep this in mind when selecting the chalkboard paint if you also select a magnetic paint underneath.

4. (As you can see, this is where I remembered to start taking pictures.  :\)  This is what you will have with the area completely painted.

5.  Carefully remove the painter’s tape.

6.  Unframed board

7.  Paint the trim in the desired color to frame the board.  We used leftover ballerina pink paint from one of the girls’ bedrooms.

8.  Liquid nails are used to hold the trim in place.

9.  Glue the trim to the wall to frame the board.

10.  Secure the trim with finishing nails.

11.  Frame is complete

12.  Casing blocks are used to finish and decorate the corners.  Or for those who are talented with a miter saw, you could corner the edges and place the corners of the trim together.  Yeah, not on that level of DIY just yet!  And, unfortunately, Ty Pennington was a little busy to come over. So, casing blocks it is!!! 🙂

13.  And, here you have your beautiful magnetic chalkboard!

14.  The hardest part of the project:  wait 3 days until use in order to let the paint set completely.  If you have little ones be ready to answer “has it been three days?”, “is three days over?”, “when will it be three days?” 😛

15.  Magnets adorn the board.

16.  Prime the chalkboard with chalk.

17.  Then erase.  Ready to write!

18.  School is now in session.  First lesson:  who runs the world? GIRLS!!! 🙂

19.  Happy faces in happy places!

Weekend Project Complete!  Chalk Talk!  That’s What’s Up!


Cookie Monsters

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I know everyone is trying to watch their girlish and boyish figures but if you’re looking for just a little treat and a way to give yourself a small reward, may we suggest Cookies by Courtney at Courtney’s Sweet Boutique.  These cookies literally melt in your mouth.  And, they are packaged so pretty and are delivered so fresh that I’m sure that minimizes the amount of calories you’re really taking in. 😉 However, if you must watch your diet and have certain restrictions, Cookies by Courtney at Courtney’s Sweet Boutique also takes into account those special interest and offers sugar-free options on their Chocolate Chip cookies and Double Chocolate cookies.  Additionally, if you’re looking for vegan or gluten-free options, be sure to contact her so that your dietary needs can be accommodated.  In addition to cookies, there are also cake and pie options during the holiday seasons. Courtney has indeed created a niche in the gourmet cookie market by combining the convenience of cookies with popular cake flavors.

In addition to ordering cookies for family and friend’s gatherings and dinners, we have also ordered cookies as corporate gifts and for corporate functions.  “Completely devoured with pure delight” pretty much summarizes it best. 🙂  Some of our favorite flavors were included in each corporate box of a dozen cookies: red velvet, key lime and toffee.

Dennis’ favorite:  Red Velvet Cookies

A fan favorite: Key Lime Cookies

Kenya’s favorite: Buttery Toffee Cookies

Always a crowd pleaser: Crave-worthy Chocolate Chip cookies

Cookies flavors can be ordered by the dozen.  There is also an all occasion party favor box that will surely please your party guests.  Each box contains three of your favorite cookie selections and are $4.50 each with a minimum order of 50 boxes.  Please contact the website to have these boxes shipped for your next party. Your guests will be thanking YOU!!!

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, pickups can be arranged with ease and convenience or they may be delivered to you for a $10 fee.  For cookies that need to be shipped outside of Atlanta, there is a $12 fee for every two dozen cookies shipped.  These cookies are freshly delivered as if she baked them right at your doorstep!

So, if you would like a few bites of delight for your next corporate event, party gathering, or just for sitting on the couch to watch your next episode of “Scandal”, we would like to welcome you to these tasty treats.  These cookies will surely make you smile from Courtney’s oven to your mouth! 😛

Tasty Treats. Cookies by Courtney. That’s What’s Up!

Small Action. Big Difference.

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I know it has been a while since my last post.  And, for those who are looking for recipes, ideas, and the like, believe me, they’re in my head, pictures on my phone and now it’s just a matter of getting my fingers to the keyboard.  I’m working on how to make a faster transition.  I think I feel like I have to “prepare” or figure out when I will have enough time. I think I need to do just as I’m doing here and post short, sweet messages and just be okay with that.  It’s that dang-on lawyer in me.  Over analyzing and wanting to tell you ALL the details!!! LOL!  Okay.  So I will work on it.  Maybe I’ll just post pictures of food and tell you what to throw in the pot (my recipes are so easy, I’m sure just a photo would even be enough! LOL!)  Anyway, I promise to get to it better.

Meanwhile, I think much of my time has been spent with my new business adventure with Stella & Dot.  It’s been so much fun but admittedly has stolen any spare time that I would use to blog in order to get the business up and running and help those on my team.  But, again, I’ll get it together shortly.  😛

So I wanted to share the opportunity to spread the word about the Stella & Dot Foundation.  My last post was for Ovarian Cancer Research.  Thank you EVERYONE who bought a bracelet and help raise over $54,000 for ovarian cancer research!!!  Now you can participate again in a broader spectrum.  100% of the proceeds for these bracelets and charms will be donated to the foundation and help fund organizations that help uplift women: Accion, BuildOn and GirlsInc.!!!  There are bracelets for ladies of all ages, big and small, and more importantly all with a big heart.

To shop and order online, please click here or go to my website and learn more about the jewelry, the business and the foundation.

Be Generous! Be Gorgeous! That’s What’s Up!